About TravelShorts

Our Mission is to create a global community of travelers and storytellers, sharing the magic of exploration through personal narratives.

TravelShorts is not just about journeys; it's about the stories that shape us, the moments that define our adventures, and the connections we make along the way.

Our ultimate goal is to turn the best stories we collect into film.

Our Plan

Phase 1: Launch Phase

Objective: Establish the brand and initial product offerings.

Key Actions: Launch the website with "My Travel Shorts" book and "Travel Shorts" booklet available for purchase. Implement basic e-commerce functionalities for direct sales and bulk orders.

Phase 2: Community Building and Engagement

Objective: Grow a community of travelers and writers.

Key Actions:

Introduce a blog or forum on the website for sharing travel tips and stories.

Start social media campaigns to attract contributors and customers.

Implement a submission process for writers to contribute their travel stories for future booklets.

Phase 3: Product Expansion

Objective: Broaden the range of products and content.

Key Actions:

Launch additional merchandise such as t-shirts, posters, and selected travel gadgets.

Introduce digital content offerings, including audio versions of stories.

Start a monthly or quarterly subscription service for new booklets and exclusive content.

Phase 4: Partnerships and Affiliate Program

Objective: Establish partnerships and an affiliate program to expand reach.

Key Actions:

Partner with travel-related companies (e.g., gear, insurance, airlines) for affiliate marketing.

Launch an affiliate program encouraging travelers and hostels to promote TravelShorts, rewarding them for sales generated through their referral.

Phase 5: Interactive and Multimedia Content

Objective: Enhance user engagement with interactive and multimedia content.

Key Actions:

Develop and release a mobile app to access stories, shop products, and interact with the community.

Start a podcast or video series featuring travel stories, interviews with contributors, and travel tips.

Phase 6: Crowdfunding and Film Production

Objective: Begin turning selected stories into films.

Key Actions:

Introduce a crowdfunding platform to fund the film adaptation of popular stories.

Produce and release the first short film based on a selected travel story, involving the community in the selection and production process.

Phase 7: Full Community and Marketplace Integration

Objective: Fully integrate a community-driven marketplace and collaborative platform.

Key Actions:

Enable users to sell their own travel-related products or services through the website.

Offer workshops, webinars, and online events focused on travel storytelling, photography, and sustainable travel practices.

Phase 8: Global Expansion and Localization

Objective: Expand the platform's reach internationally.

Key Actions:

Localize the website and content for key international markets.

Establish partnerships with international travel organizations and communities.

Phase 9: Sustainability and Social Impact

Objective: Enhance the platform's focus on sustainability and social impact.

Key Actions:

Launch initiatives supporting sustainable travel practices and contributing to local communities featured in the stories.

Implement a program to offset the carbon footprint of travels shared through the platform.